Self-Technology, the AI of the mind
What is Self-Technology?

A technology that makes it possible to get hold of the mechanism that is creating the very building blocks of what we’re made of in order to create a self-generated artificial intelligence—a biological AI—with the purpose of influencing the environments within the body and without, that can allow us to: reengineer ourselves for optimal health, human enhancement, and longevity; and which types of interactions it can lead us to, can be extended by developing biological-AI devices (most certainly nano in scale) that aid in the triggering of these functionalities within the body.

Starting with a system to act and improve on the functioning of the mind affecting the brain, the technology works by manipulating the Intent Force Field through electromagnetic impulsing techniques we can use to make our very human system create/generate automated tools we can control, introducing the concept of "the AI of the mind."

Quantum Systems + Self-Technology = Biological AI

Just like we can build quantum computers, we can instruct our biological systems to behave like one, because they already do, in a sense. When we build a quantum computer, we’re telling the computer to behave like an elementary quantum system does: we freeze a tiny receptacle we call qubit and observe a two-level quantum state that’s giving superposition and/or entanglement results. It’s not different than what’s happening in our body, with the exception it’s involuntary, we don’t get to see what’s happening, nor control it, but we can. From particles to atoms to molecules to cells to organs to our very biological systems, we have a physical body only because the elementary quantum systems in place incessantly forming it are doing it at an incredible exponential multiple-level quantum state rate.

And why AI?

AI as in the concept of what Artificial Intelligence means, but pattern learning (analog to machine learning, ML) in the context of what Self-Technology (ST) is about, as in letting the human system, i.e., the biological system, grab hold of the formation fields—the force fields inputing the constituency of the body; its physicality. And automated systems, as in letting the human system make processes run in auto-pilot.

At the intersection of personal development and AI industries

Self-Technology could be looked at as a very specific niche that rests at the intersection of personal development and industries affected by disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and bioengineering. From the new kinds of interactions it can allow for (and the way their technology subsets—e.g., IoT, big data, blockchain, AR, biometry, etc—are dealt with), to the upbringing of new paradigms for vitality, human enhancement, and longevity.

It is an incremental improvement to the functioning of the mind affecting the brain, but it's also a disruptive technology in itself because it is a new kind of AI for the mind:

It gives us the ability to create automated tools serviced by our biological processes, like a self-generated biometric sensor running on auto-pilot, that converts the electricity sparkling through the flesh of our brain, ignited by thoughts (more specifically Intent Impulses™), into information we can use to– but not limited to –control the emission, and transmission, to name a few, of electromagnetic impulsing, to influence the occurrences of events within the body (our biological, neurological, and genetical systems), and without, as in what’s happening in our immediate and afar environments, expanding our capabilities exponentially instead of linearly.

Controlling electromagnetic impulses

While the goal is to help you understand you have an innate ability to unlock a powerful technology available to you, through your biology, of which gives you the capacity of influencing and controlling your environments within and without, at will, and this means you'll get to understand yourself better and will help you grow in many ways, that is not the aim in itself, but one of the territories you’d need to walk through—amongst other ways which will be introduced to you—to get to the next stage.

We're talking impulse forces, electromagnetic pulsation, emission, transmission, diffusion, infusion, synapses, SCIT Information™, and Self-Technology Bridges™, the Intent Environments™, to name a few. A very different terrain.

Just as we have electricity feeding the connections through the Internet, and electromagnetic frequency being transmitted through telecommunication towers and wireless networks, our bodies are also electrical and magnetic—from what's in its biochemistry, to the synapses in our brain, to the pulsation of our heart, we’re constantly connected through a source of electromagnetic power.