Navigating your Self-Technology Platform

  • 1. Self-Technology Programs

    It's your homepage to:

    • Browse all available programs.
    • Find new programs added to preexisting tracks.
    • Find new tracks altogether.
    • Plus, all the upcoming releases.

    TIP: Go back to your Self-Technology Programs homepage any time by clicking the left-hand-corner link on your navigation bar.

  • 2. Organized inside Tracks

    • In sets of 3—Maneuver, Foundations, and Practice—take them together or adjust as you experiment.
    • A set per week is good practice, but you're welcome to pace them through as you see fit.

    Available now:


    • Enhance your Perception
    • Reverse a Condition
    • Extend your Lifespan
  • 3. Program pages

    To get an overview of a program, go to a Track page and select a program card to open that program's page to:

    • Start Program
    • Track Progress

    How: From a program page, such as 1. Activating Self-Technology, or 3. Engaging the Movement of Attention, you can start the program player or access the program's exclusive Track Progress page to find detailed information on the program and watch as it grows with dynamic content updates yielded by your participation through the platform's interactive features: in-player live-discussions, Ask-Frank, and your Reengineer Network.

Reengineer Yourself

through Participation

  • Ask-Frank ☞

    Every month, Frank resets the Ask-Frank timer OPEN to live-answer your questions through interactive asynchronous video. Make sure to check back in for open time.

  • Track Progress

    Gage how the information on each program evolves dynamically with your participation, and how it grows into exclusive sections and dedicated pages.

  • Reengineer Together

    Self-Technology Reengineers. Your upcoming Reengineer Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    Your Self-Technology Platform subscription gives you unlimited access to the full experience:

    All Self-Technology Programs, the exponential knowledge and tools to reengineer yourself.

    Exclusive Track Progress pages for detailed Maneuver Maps, Foundations Principles, Key Terminology, Abilities Gained—where you gage how the information you get on that program evolves dynamically with your participation, and grows into dedicated sections and pages.

    On-demand interactive video for your program-specific questions with Ask-Frank.

    A live upcoming Reengineers network.

    In-program discussions.

    Plus, new programs added every month, including most-requested ones.

  • How much does it cost?

    $125.00 USD per month, billed monthly. Or get a 20% discount at $99.00 USD per month, billed yearly. Email us at

  • Can I gift someone a subscription?

    Yes, you're welcome to. Email us at for a GIFT COUPON.

  • Can I cancel my platform subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription anytime you want, but you'll lose access to the content. To regain access subscribe to the platform again.

  • How do I get started?

    Go to your Self-Technology Programs homepage and select Get Started Now from the navigation bar.

  • How does Ask-Frank work?

    Every month, at various times, Frank opens the Ask-Frank timer to live-answer your questions through asynchronous video.

    Simply select how you'd like to ask from the video itself:

    ☞ video ☞ audio ☞ text

    If you don't get a reply soon enough, it's likely Frank already answered that question before, and you'll find it on the Track Progress page of the program your question is related to:

  • Who sees my Ask-Frank questions?

    The visibility of your questions work the same way the in-program discussions do.

    Once you ask Frank a question, your question might be displayed together with other questions that are similar in context, so all of you can see how the interaction around those same/similar questions evolve, and how Frank answered/answers those.

    They're ONLY visible to Reengineers: Self-Technology Platform members.

  • When can I ask Frank?

    You're welcome to ask questions anytime you'd like to, just keep in mind they're first-come-first-served, and Frank will answer them to the best of his ability, and time permitting.

    Whereas, when Ask-Frank is open, it means Frank is live-answering incoming questions asked within that timeframe, and will prioritize those.

    To ask Frank, play any Ask-Frank video you find under a program's Track Progress page, or on the Ask-Frank page itself.

    And please, make sure to stay on point by asking program-specific questions only.

  • Where can I find all Ask-Frank answers?

    You can find program-specific answered questions under each program's Track Progress page.

    For a list of all answered questions go to the Ask-Frank page.

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