Research Scientist, Instructor

Frank Gustav Thousand

Computer scientist, Augmented Reality (AR) major, with a focus on disruptive technologies, particularly at the intersection of Quantum Physics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Frank is introducing the concept of biological AI through Self-Technology, the capability of using elementary quantum systems and our biological systems combined as an active technology to reengineer ourselves and influence reality.

SCIT and Self-Technology

Frank Gustav Thousand's Initiatives

Frank’s teachings on how to use our own machinery to unlock its potential for exponential intelligence come from a combination of physics, psychology, biology, computer science and electrical engineering focused on disruptive technologies (AI, AR, IoT, Blockchain, and Big Data), and blend with his life’s utter interest in answering one question: What is reality? Not the principles of reality to which we’re exposed to, but what is the mechanism creating reality, what’s the process behind it. He believes to have found something we can start with.

Frank's research focuses on uncovering Self-Technology tools to help you unlock and use the capability of creating reality per se by controlling and influencing the physical environments within and without—what's happening while it's occurring, or has occurred, inside the body, and in the brain, and outside the body in the immediate and afar environments.

He knows that to do this, the navigating it better requires an optimum biological and neurological performance at all times, and the setting up of a command-triggering environment that can serve as the analysis and algorithm center is essential.

That’s the Intent Environment, the first tool of Self-Technology.

The Intent Environment is the foundation of SCIT (read “sight”)—Self-Concept and Intent Technology—the technology of support devised to aid in the unlocking and usage of Self-Technology, and which programs will be released in different stages.

Frank's key focuses are in helping you understand what Self-Technology means to your life and to humanity on a broad spectrum; how we can benefit from it. He'd like to function as a bridge to transfer the information he uncovered through his body of work over the years.

Unlocking your Self-Technology


Empower humans through Self-Technology to reinvent/reengineer themselves and to disrupt/create realities.

"The goal is to create a science of self-technologies we can tap into. The transferring of these technologies to software systems and new pieces of machinery—equipment and processes—is interesting too. Systems that can aid our using and validating our self-technology.”

Personal Level Goals

  • To understand our normal self better.

  • To have tools that effectively help us do it.

  • To use our biological and neurological systems in a smarter way.

  • To expand the reaches of what we think we can do.

Global Level Goals

  • To educate and empower people through Self-Technology.

  • To make Self-Technology accessible worldwide.

"Don't let something that has never been done before stand in the way of you doing it."

We asked Frank:

How do you deal with something that has never been done before?

It’s like that something that has always been with you, it could be an ability of yours, something you do regularly, but you don’t pay too much attention, because it’s normal to you, and you think “this is something everyone can do, understand, just like I do, it’s no big deal,” and you move on, keep on living, trying to find what you’re good at, improving your skills. But that something comes back when you realize nobody knows what you’re talking about. You give examples, and you talk about it, but it’s like speaking another language nobody understands. So you keep it to yourself. But it comes back again, relentless. And you decide to look into it more, you decide to investigate, and when you do, there’s a whole world in there, waiting for you to unveil it, to discover it. And that changes everything.

Questions like “how do we initiate the foundation for immortality,” “what are the realities to look for,” “what about the side-effects,” and “the best training procedures,” are big questions that move my everyday researching.

I love creating realities (as in something that exists in fact, but that had previously only existed in one's mind), and I love technologies that can be used to disrupt and create realities, including physical/determinate reality per se.  

We can be wired through self-technology, from first principles. And we're yet to discover the tools we can use to influence reality: our self-technologies. My goal is to discover and give them you.