The biological AI we control

You become the technology

Just like a biometric sensor converts biological processes into electronic information that computers can store and analyze, we need a system to act and improve on the functioning of the mind affecting the brain, that converts the electricity sparkling through that flesh into information we can use to influence and control our immediate and afar realities—the environments within the body, and without.

Self-Technology is an inherent capacity humans have of unlocking, accessing, and controlling this mechanism.

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A much more exciting story for our future

  • Vitality & Optimal Health

    Activate natural killer cells. Avoid metabolic diseases and protect the organism from pathogens, like viruses and bacteria, and cancer cells. Ignite the production of T cells as needed.

  • Human Enhancement

    Infuse the body with the necessary nutrients and fuel using self-technology to reengineer and reformulate functions.

  • Longevity

    Regenerate. An effective way to influence and control the environments within and without, affect the necessary changes for renewal and restoration to kick in.

  • The AI of the mind

    A jump from incremental to exponential improvement on the functioning of the mind affecting the brain.

  • Biological-AI devices

    The types of interactions it can lead us to, can be extended by the development of biological-AI devices (most certainly nano in scale) that can aid in the triggering of these functionalities within the body.

Instead of a Personal "Digital" Shield, it's more like a Personal Natural Shield. And it's not "Telepathy" as we think of it, it's more like a self-generated biometric sensor with electromagnetic emission capabilities.

Image credit and reference: Imperial College London
Personal Natural Shield

"There’s a huge market for a new kind of AI which is currently hardly explored."

  • triggered by biological and neurological activity.
  • the act of driving the functioning of the mind affecting the brain with intent: Intent Impulse.
  • motion produced by such an Intent Impulse (the trigger of self-technology): an Intent Force of electromagnetic transmission properties, e.g. electromagnetic impulsing on and off the brain.

SCIT and Self-Technology

Frank Gustav Thousand's Initiatives

Frank's intent is to help you understand what Self-Technology is, what it can do for you, and how you can unlock and use it. He'd like to function as a bridge to transfer the information he uncovered through his body of work over the years.

And to help you get started he devised a technology of support to aid in the unlocking and usage of Self-Technology: SCIT for Self-Technology.

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Frank Gustav Thousand

SCIT for Self-Technology ™

The supporting technology behind Self-Technology.

SCIT (read "sight") stands for Self-Concept and Intent Technology, and while Self-Technology is the AI of the mind, SCIT comes to give us the tools to unlock it.

Just like AI functions to extract information to know more about a system, we can do the same with Self-Technology through techniques and training.

SCIT's main function is to extract, organize, and classify informationto clear a space of no-thoughts2 in your brain that can serve as an environment you can use to host and trigger self-technology off.

That’s the Intent Environment, the first tool of Self-Technology.

"This is a process of self-discovery, we're dealing with profound changes in the mind/brain makeup, there has to be a path and a system we can use to get there."

Information which has to do with the capturing of an Intent Impulse, and the clarifying of its type of data (e.g. density, frequency, etc); related to how we're processing things around us and outputting them.

Everything begins with a thought. And a thought thought holds the imaging frequency out of an impulse. We want to control this mechanism instead of being controlled by it.

Self-Technology Programs

Learn how to set the Intent Environment and unlock your Self-Technology.

Self-Technology key benefits

Empowered to reinvent yourself and disrupt realities.

  • Gain clarity

    • Understand “what” you are, and what you can do with it.
    • Step out of the sub-realities to see from the ones you like the most and drop the ones you don’t.
    • Understand the power of self-concept alignment and intent—the beliefs you have about yourself, your ideas of self-concept and identity, and what you do about it.
  • Get tools

    • Clear the way in your brain for a space of no-thought you can trigger self-technology off.
    • Enter next-level meditation without meditation.
    • Instead of outsourcing the self-discovery process to AI, use self-technology to create an AI environment of your own, and do it yourself.
  • Gain flexibility

    • Understand your normal self better, and what it means.
    • Get a strategic ability to construct your “self.”
    • Take control of your self as a being, as an identity, and as a total reconstructed identity.
    • Reaccommodate and fine-tune the patterns of your target behaviors.
  • Get mind-over-brain control

    • Completely change the scenario within your biological processes and brain.
    • Effectively promote internal changes in your body through discharges in your biochemical environments.
    • Understand what levers you can pull to control the synapses in the brain.
    • Use Self-Technology bridges™ to create temporary electromagnetic floors to sustain the changes you want to effect.
    • Heal → Avoid metabolic diseases and protect the organism from pathogens, like viruses and bacteria, and cancer cells, plus infuse the body with the necessary nutrients and fuel using self-technology to reengineer and reformulate functions.
  • Get navigation-smart

    • Switch from navigating within to influencing the immediate environment without, what's happening while it's occurring outside your body, what we call reality.
    • Use the results to validate the changes and outcomes.
    • Defend your privacy from being infiltrated: block or counter-effect unwanted or intrusive computer vision or radio-frequency emission directed at you.
    • Actively pursue the creating of a reality as a goal per se.


Electromagnetic-impulsing our way through

It’s not that authority has begun to shift away from humans and we’re not sure where to, it’s what we know ourselves to be human that has begun to shift. The rise of AI has triggered a self-surveillance-for-survival mode that brought to our human system, as in feeding it enough information, the awareness to the fact that the commanding of the functioning of our mechanisms and systems (physical, biological, neurological, genetical, and electromagnetic) can be done and controlled at will instead of the accepted auto-pilot norm. It’s a variation of the same principle. And it can be done.

Relevant questions

  • How's this different than self-help coaching?

    The goal is to help you understand you have an innate ability to unlock a powerful technology available to you. It's biological and neurological, and it gives you the capacity of influencing and controlling your environments within and without, at will. And although this means you'll get to understand yourself better and will help you grow in many ways, that is not the aim in itself, but one of the territories (amongst other ways which will be introduced to you) you’d need to walk through to get to the next stage. We're talking about impulse forces, electromagnetic pulsation, emission, transmission, diffusion, infusion, synapses, SCIT Information™, and Self-Technology Bridges™, the Intent Environments™, to name a few. A very different terrain.

  • How does Self-Technology compare to AI?

    Just like a computer accesses information, we too can access information. An artificial intelligence system primarily deals with sourcing data and automating processes; it combines data we feed into it with data it extracts from us and makes a decision based on the rules that were programmed into its algorithm, which, roughly speaking, is a series of steps to do something. And just like a computer system needs an environment for running its algorithm, we too need a system and an environment for running our algorithms. We just need to learn how to set up this environment, how to program it, and then run it, just like an AI system does it.

  • Is it Human Augmentation?

    Yes. We’re talking Human Augmentation (HA) and Data Ecosystems (DE), things like creating a Personal “Natural” Shield and a self-generated biometric sensor with electromagnetic emission capabilities to counteract privacy intrusion and defend our attention from being abused. But most importantly, an effective system to get mind-over-brain control, where the jump from incremental to exponential improvement on the functioning of the mind affecting the brain effects changes within the body and without, with the capacity of disrupting immediate and afar realities, creating a new reality, and thus the future.

    Refer to Imperial College London's Table of Disruptive Technologies above.

  • How does it compare with meditation?

    When doing meditation, one of the things we’re looking for is not thinking about things, or not letting things that we don’t want to influence in the thought process. SCIT for Self-Technology™ helps that happen as a first step to clearing the space to create an environment we can use Self-Technology off. That’s the Intent Environment™ which sets the optimal foundation for the impulsing into the environments within the body and without, the action you take to effectively command change. Also, another thing we’re looking for is to investigate our motives and understand ourselves better. Self-Technology unlock happens when this investigation process is satisfied. And SCIT for Self-Technology™ gives you a way to do it by clarifying the contents of your self-concept, the beliefs you have about yourself, the ideas of self-concept and identity.

  • What actions can we take to prevent from being influenced and controlled by AI and bioengineering?

    Self-Technology answers that question with a shift in paradigm: we can learn to use our self-technology to being the ones who influence and control instead of the opposite. In other words: how can we learn to access a host of tools available within our own biological systems that can be used to influence and control the physical environments within our bodies and without, instead of being influenced and controlled by external systems.


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